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Reid I.

John was a pleasure to work with I've worked with him two times. He is extremely responsive and remembers me which is nice!

I had him work on fixing a leak on the roof and in the kitchen. He was very honest and gave me a good price. I probably could have gotten cheaper but he is licensed and knows what he's doing so I rather get the job done right the first time.

I highly recommend him to others and he got the job done in one day! Definitely will be using him on future projects. I used other handy men but for real jobs I use him as I trust him more than others.

Santa Monica, CA - Yelp!

Mike M.

I recently used John Day general contractor to do some roofing and remodeling that I needed done on my home I was very pleased with he's work I highly recommend this company great family-owned business we need more companies like this today good old-fashioned family values!

Anaheim, CA - Manta

Tom S.

John Day General Contractor Repaired my leaking Roof and for the first time we got rain in southern CA i have no leak i called two other roofing contractors and the did not fix my leak so i called John and his son John Jr and i have to say they stoped out right away and looked at my Roof and told me how much the price was going to be and i give them the job i liked how professional the both was i checked out all the reviews on the web about John Day General Contractor and loved family Owend business for 75+years and a lot of very happy customers thanks guys!

Southern, CA - SuperPages

Meghan F.

Called john to do work at my office, he was the first to respond. first to quote. and arrived early to the job. When the leak persisted, he immediately came back out and found the issue to repair.

No complaints, loved the service. :)

Cypress, CA - Yelp!

Roger R.

I had john and his crew do a roof repair on my house about 3 weeks ago and i loved his Professionalism and confidence I tried a couple of roofers in the past But non-of them Could stop My two leaks We have had a couple of heavy rains and no leaks I would highly recommend John and his crew to do work for any one with roof Problems I have scheduled John to do painting on my house next week give them a try you will be glad you did. roger

Anaheim, CA - Manta

Joan W.

John Day replaced my roof with a moner tile roof and painted my home with Dunn Edwards paint I was very happy with his work very clean and professional John and his son John Jr. was on time and also very knowledgeable this co. has a lot of good reviews on the web yelp angies list google etc. give them a call!

Anaheim, CA - SuperPages

Yule P.

I live in Pasadena and after experiencing the Apocalypse of the Santa Ana winds, I needed roof repair ASAP. I called John based on a referral I received from a friend and he came out the same day because he was fortunately in Pasadena already inspecting another home which had its roof blown off. John inspected my roof damage and gave me his estimate. To my surprise, the damage wasn't as bad as I expected. John's estimate was fair, and he actually did the work the same day. So not only did he give me a fair price, he was done with the repairs the same day.

Here is the kicker, he came back the next day, which was Saturday to check up and go over all the work he did. There was some tar that dripped from the roof which he cleaned up. He went over all the repairs as well as maintenance tips. Then, on Sunday the tar dripped again, so his son came to my house on Monday morning to clean up the tar and add another sealant to prevent the tar from dripping. The dripping is normal, it just takes time to dry.

Overall I would definitely use him again for any future roof work as well as GC work. He also does additions. Thanks John and John Jr!

Arcadia, CA - Yelp!

G. Hackler

Great Guys, I use them often!

Anaheim, CA - SuperPages

Lori K.

My husband & I are first time homeowners and never had to deal with General Contractors before so this was a totally new experience for us. I found John on yelp and he and his son came out to inspect our leaky roof right away. John gave us a really great estimate and although we ourselves had to postpone the work for about a month, he and his crew were fast to fix our leaky roof, repair our drywall, and while we were at it we asked him for an estimate on an interior paint job.

The invention of the World Wide Web has made it very easy for anyone to do their homework when hiring someone to do work like this and we did get other estimates. John's prices were extremely reasonable, and after asking friends & family what they paid for paint jobs we were told we got a great deal.

Now I'm NOT wishing we'll get a major rain storm like we did the day of the L.A. Marathon (the day the nightmare started), but I think that's the only way we'll really know how well our roof was patched. :)

One thing that impressed me the most about John was his attention to detail. We wanted a particular color paint which we were able to get via an off-brand sample but when it came time to order the final product he just wasn't happy with the hue. LOL! This minor glitch set back the paint project a couple of days but we were on vacation and homebound at the time and were able to wait it out until he was able to get the exact color we wanted. Thanks again John!

We already know that if and when we need any further major home improvement projects done in the future we will call him first.

Canyon Country, CA - Yelp!


"Our house is a very, very, very fine house. With two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard. Now everything is easy cause of..."

John Day, General Contractor, painter, roofing, remodeling, building... whatever it takes to make your house as good as, or better than new. Big words, no how do I express my appreciation for such good work without sounding bought? In a nutshell, I was provided a reasonable estimate to repaint my fading, aging stucco and wood exterior to my little home in Long Beach and though wary, as I am with all "cold-call" contractors, accepted their proposal based on what they promised would be accomplished for the price. Yet simply meeting the contract (prep and paint the house), to me, would be a 3 or maybe 4-Star rating. What drove a 5-Star?

Basically, they began on-time, completed on-time, stayed within budget, prepped and painted my house the color I wanted. That's the contract. Mission accomplished. What drove me to rave about them was not what was written in the contract but what they did in lieu of the contract. First of all, they used only top-of-the-line products throughout...from the highest quality Dunn-Edwards paints to the sealants and caulking. They protected and covered every landscape plant (and I have many), replaced all water or bug-damaged wood, cleaned up each night, used initiative to handle some of the more challenging efforts*, were professional at all times and ensured my absolute satisfaction throughout the process.

Honestly, when the job was done, I tried very hard to find fault but found none. And I'm very good at finding fault in most things (career military people tend to do this). The owner himself said he'd spent two hours of his own time spot-painting. He even said that my outside patio sink was draining too slow and "he couldn't have that" so snaked it till it ran smooth.

If you're looking for simply outstanding, affordable general construction work, you can't go wrong with John Day.

*one unique challenge was a large wisteria vine that I didn't want damaged. It may not be as big as Descanso Gardens but it IS thick and beautiful. When it's in bloom, people stop their cars to look at it and at night, the scent is intoxicating. It wraps around the whole patio and to paint it required them to move the plant away from the wood...carefully. I thought I'd stump them on that one but they did it, much to my surprise and pleasure.

P.S., My little piece of American pie is a deep ocean blue with white trim.

Long Beach, CA - Yelp!


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