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roofing repair
We only use the finest materials on all of our projects whether it's a small repair or a complete re-roof. We can take care of all your roofing needs for residential, commercial, or industrial.

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We believe that the prep work makes all the difference in a quality paint job that lasts. We only use top quality brand materials for all of our prep work and painting.

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home remodeling
Let John Day General Contractor take care of all your remodeling needs. Thinking about a bathroom remodel, or kitchen, or maybe even an entire house renovation?

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John Day General Contractor

John Day General Contractor specializes in Roofing & Painting of all types in California. John Day General Contractor is a family owned business with solid values in roofing, painting, and remodeling and truly believes in building, establishing, and maintaining lifetime value; creating lifelong customer relationships. John Day General Contractor is a Family owned business, that has over 78 years of experience. We found our vision, and hope to assist you to make your vision a reality. At John Day General Contractor we're dedicated to professionalism and craftsmanship, so let us show you what our business can do for you! We're proudly servicing the Los Angeles, and Orange County areas!

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